Sunday, August 25, 2013

Off and away

The last pup left on Friday.  Many thanks to the wonderful US Airways Puppies in Flight volunteers who lovingly escorted three of the pups to out-of-state programs.  My house is very quiet and very much in need of a thorough cleaning.

Tahoe was the first to leave.  He flew out with his Puppies in Flight escort to Minnesota to join Pawsitive Perspectives  (PawPADS)  Next out were Vallejo, Rosa and Fresno who joined Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence in Ohio  Shasta flew via Puppies in Flight to Pennsylvania to join Susquehanna Service Dogs  Last to leave was Sierra who flew via Puppies in Flight to San Diego to join Canine Companions for Independence, the program that kindly provided stud service.  Wishing all the pupsters much success in their training and hope they have lots of fun along the way. 

Tahoe sporting his PawPADS bandana

Tahoe upon arrival at Minneapolis/St Paul airport

Tahoe settling in at PawPADS

Five puppies left
Crate training, actually dreaming of dinner since the pups are fed in the crates

Shasta sporting her spiffy purple Susquehanna Service Dogs vest

Sierra in her CCI puppy cape

Showing off the CCI logo
Sierra, driving home from the airport

Sunday, August 11, 2013

They're back

Six of the pups have returned and will be moving on to their new programs in the next couple of weeks.  Paws With Purpose is keeping Ukiah, Carmel, Monterey and Gilroy and they will soon become the "F" pups.  The pups had a very busy 2 weeks during their time with Paws With Purpose.  Many thanks to the trainers at KCIW and all the volunteers who took such good care of the pups and gave them many valuable new experiences . . .  and me a short break. 

The four new Paws With Purpose pups - Ukiah, Carmel, Monterey and Gilroy

Sierra and Shasta checking out the wading pool


Vallejo - she has a houndy look and those expressive eyebrows

A pic from before when the pups left for KY- puppy pile in the
kitchen, sleeping on some bedding for the puppy pen

Close up

Sprawled out on the raised dog bed

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cute pics from Paws With Purpose

Last weekend, the pups went down to KY to spend some time with Yoko's program.  As you can see, they have been busy.  More pics on Paws With Purpose's Facebook page.

The pups' home base is KCIW where the Paws With Purpose dogs are trained

In the puppy pen on the lawn outside of the prison after their first long car ride. 
Making sure everyone is on empty before going inside.

Cute Rosa

Half-brother Dallas (aka Ringo) entertaining the puppies

Carmel meets Eli (aka Cicada from my Bug Litter)

Pups drinking after the strenuous job of practicing wearing equipment.

Carmel on an outing, meeting a new friend