Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 week old puppy pics

The pups playing in the backyard

Pups still find it challenging to get up on the porch, and Yoko knows
this is a safe place to get away from the ravenous hoard.

Sierra and Shasta, still trying.  Shasta is the pup who has
been most successful getting up on the porch.

Always a popular playtime

Silly Carmel


Tahoe and Auntie Tacara.  The feeding crates in the far background.

Shasta found a comfy place to sleep

Soon she had company

5 weeks old

The pups are no longer content to be pen puppies.  They want to be out and about, taking in the world.  The pups are enjoying this cooler weather and lots of time out in the backyard.  They have had a couple of sessions in the wading pool and a professional photography session with a photographer friend.  Weights at 5 weeks ranged from 6 lbs 3 oz (Sierra) to 6 lbs 15 oz (Vallejo).  Some of the pups are currently over 7 lbs.  The pups are loving their kibble, and since kibble is fed in the crates, they think crates are great places to be.  Their noses are working well since they have sniffed out the kibble I store in the kitchen pantry.  Yoko is rapidly weaning the pups.  I have decreased her to 6 c per day (poor Labby girl) and she is drying up nicely.   On Sunday, the pups will be making a big journey down to KY so that Paws With Purpose can take over the last two weeks of the puppy rearing. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

All worn out after visitors

Pups asleep on the front steps

Fresno getting tired

Fresno asleep


Gilroy close up

Unidentified sleeping pup on the front step
Carmel in the flower pot next to the front step

Carmel briefly wakes up

Back to sleep


The pups had two sets of visitors todays, including a couple of young neighbor children.

The first children the pups have met

Enjoying attention from visitors




Fresno - shoes and shoelaces were very popular

Fresno, head in the shoe

Gilroy working the laces



Also liked getting into the guests' gear (Shasta)

Val and Shasta

Puppy pics


Gilroy scratching

Carmel, what a cutie

Carmel exploring

Carmel sampling the purple sage

Puppy recall
The pups are all able to go up the front steps and walk into the
house when done playing.  The comforter is a crash pad
 since the pups tend to tumble down the steps.

Shasta and Ukiah, going for my toes

Sierra checking out the shoes

Unidentified cutie

My latest puppy toy find.  Vallejo trying it out.

Ukiah going down the slide

Tahoe going up the slide

Rosa, surveying the world

Post play siesta

Monty asleep in the tunnel

Rosa.  This litter loves to crawl under stuff. 

Carmel and Yoko

Carmel and Yoko

Busy, busy, busy

Oh my, the pups have come alive.  They are no longer content to be pen puppies.  With the miserably hot weather, they were getting lots of inside puppy play, but have tried to get them out early AM and late PM.  Yesterday, I had two puppy mishaps.  I was getting ready for work and the pups were loose inside.  However, I was surprised to hear a puppy crying from out in the backyard.  I looked out, and found Sierra out in the backyard.  Apparently she had followed Yoko out the dog door.  Then when I put all the puppies back in the pen, I came up one pup short - Vallejo was missing.  I looked all over the house (and I have a number of rooms shut off), and no puppy.  Finally, I checked in my walk-in closet which I thought I had closed, and found Val sleeping in the corner.  Crate training aka feeding in the crate has begun, and the pups are perfectly fine with the new routine.  Yoko is complicating matters by trying to help out with the kibble feeding.  She regurgitated some of her breakfast for the pups this morning.  She also did this with her first litter.  So I will start limiting her access to the pups 4 hours after feeding.  Yes, it is a very natural process, but the adult kibble size is too big and the pups may choke, and it is impossible to regulate the amount if Yoko assists. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4 week pics

Just a few pics to share

Rosa and Sierra mouth wrestling

Pretty little Shasta, the lightest pup

Gilory and Rosa, hard pillows