Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A trip to California

Yoko came into heat right on schedule and was able to catch a ride to California for a date with Canine Companions for Independence yellow Lab stud Camden II, a proven producer of assistance dogs.  Thank you CCI for providing stud service.  Yoko boarded for a few days in the CCI breeding kennel and progesterone testing confirmed that the timing was spot on.  She had a touch of morning sickness at around 3 1/2 weeks and quickly started expanding in girth.  Yoko came up to my house on 6/7, unpacked her bags, and settled in.  She favored the cold tile floor for resting, but was always ready for mealtime.  Based on progsterone testing to determine the day of ovulation, her due date was 6/17/13, and based on her girth, I was guessing 10-12 puppies.  With that many pups, whelping a day early would not be surprising.  Since both parents are yellow (recessive color in Labs), all the puppies are expected to be yellow. 
A very pregnant Yoko

CCI Camden II while still a puppy in-training

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