Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Birthday

As soon as contractions began, I grabbed the phone to call my whelper helper extraordinaire Nancy.  While on the phone, it sounded like Yoko's water broke and she started licking vigorously.  I reached into the crate to get her up, and instead, came up holding a newborn pup.  I cleaned up the pup and escorted Yoko to the whelping pool.  Yoko agreeably settled into the whelping pool and we started a long, but calm, whelp.  The pups all arrived easily, usually after just a few contractions, then Yoko would often take a break - resting, cleaning puppies, going outside to toilet, or getting a drink of water.  The pups were all vigorous at birth and Yoko was producing lots of milk/colostrum.  The pace was so leisurely, that I was able to email updates and pictures regularly to Yoko's program who were eagerly waiting for news.  Paws With Purpose was keeping their volunteers and supporters updated real time on Facebook.  Paws With Purpose emailed back that they were even able to send updates and pics to the prison where Yoko was raised and trained, and that the handlers were so proud and excited!  Four pups from Yoko's first litter are currently being raised at that same facility

Final count:  10 puppies, 6 females, 4 males, all yellow, all good sized pups 

Collar          Sex/color   Time       Birthweight 
Blue                 M      12:10 pm      16.3 oz        
Black               M        1:12 pm      16.4 oz     
Pink                 F         1:54 pm      15.1 oz        
Purple              F         2:13 pm      15.4 oz     
Green              F         2:54 pm      13.6 oz     
Orange            F         3:27 pm      14.4 oz     
Yellow             M         5:22 pm      14.9 oz      
Pink/white        F         5:33 pm      16.0 oz     
Red                 M         7:27 pm      14.0 oz     
Purple/white    F          7:45 pm      16.0 oz        

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