Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend puppy pics

Six puppies sleeping

A cute threesome

Rosa and Sierra

Rosa and Gilroy wrestling, Fresno blissfully sleeping nearby.

Monterey with toy

Ukiah with toy, Shasta trying to get into action from behind.

Shasta sleeping under the small stool.

Ukiah trying to nurse on my leg. 

Shasta sleeping on Fresno

Vallejo sleeping on the purple elephant

Still asleep, but falling off the purple elephant

Silly Fresno

Rosa on the big pillow

Yoko's receding hairline - it is normal for pregnant females to lose the hair around the mammary glands.  It is also normal for female dogs to have a major coat blow after weaning puppies.  However, Yoko is taking it to an extreme.  She is going to be rather naked by the time she goes home - but comfy cool.  The hair should regrow normally. 

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