Sunday, July 7, 2013

Into the big puppy pen

Check out one puppy sleeping on its back off to the right, not too stressed by the experience.  The litter box is at the far end.
As planned, the pups moved into the big puppy pen Saturday morning.  The move was uneventful for both the pups and Yoko.  Poor Yoko had to stay out in the living room with the pups last night, no more sleeping in my bedroom.  On Friday night, the pups had their first bottle of goat milk.  Weight gains were poor, Yoko's milk supply was tapped out, and the pups were a bit fussy - plus I wanted to get a good night sleep since the pups were still in my bedroom.  Wow did the pups go for the bottle!  No hesitation at all, as soon as I wiggled the nipple into each of their mouths, the pups started sucking hard, thrilled to be getting the equivalent of puppy fast food.  They easily polished off 3/4 of a bottle, ate a generous bite of canned food, and slept well.  They haven't need another bottle since, but I am rapidly increasing the amount of canned food being fed.  I just started a container of kibble soaking in the refrigerator, and will introduce that tomorrow.  Probably getting their first kibble and milk in a pan on Wednesday. 

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