Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 pounders

Happy 4th of July from Yoko and the pups.  Half of the pups weighed at least 3 pounds this morning, and similar to the weights of Yoko's black pups at this age.  Puppy weights were very uniform and the last of the pups has joined the private nursing club.  Gilroy was in the private nursing group yesterday and formerly big boy Monterey is in today's group.  By giving the smaller pups an opportunity to nurse by themselves, they are able to catch back up with their littermates while limiting the milk available to the big bruisers.  Canned food has been a big hit.  Today I have added a morning feeding of canned food, so twice a day canned food which should make for happy pupsters.  The pups are starting to hear already.  Their vocalizations started to change yesterday, more barking, which is usually a positive indicator of hearing.  This morning, I clapped my hands when the pups were resting, and multiple pups woke up, but didn't startle.  So probably can just barely hear at this stage.  The other big change is that Yoko is now fine with the other dogs being around the puppy pen.  Up until a few days ago, she would politely body block the pen entrance if Tacara or Yuma came to close, and I made sure to keep the bedroom baby gated so that Yoko wouldn't need to be on continuous guard duty.  Fortunately Tacara and Yuma are very respectful of new mama dogs when there are young pups in the house.  When Yoko was out toileting, I have let Tacara and Yoko in to see the pups a few times, and that didn't seem to upset Yoko.  My G. Shep Tacara loves baby puppies; in contrast, Golden Retriever Yuma is indifferent, despite having raised 3 litters herself.  So with Yoko being comfortable with other dogs around her pups, we are on track for moving the pups into the big puppy pen out in the living room on Saturday morning. 

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