Saturday, July 20, 2013

Puppy pics


Gilroy scratching

Carmel, what a cutie

Carmel exploring

Carmel sampling the purple sage

Puppy recall
The pups are all able to go up the front steps and walk into the
house when done playing.  The comforter is a crash pad
 since the pups tend to tumble down the steps.

Shasta and Ukiah, going for my toes

Sierra checking out the shoes

Unidentified cutie

My latest puppy toy find.  Vallejo trying it out.

Ukiah going down the slide

Tahoe going up the slide

Rosa, surveying the world

Post play siesta

Monty asleep in the tunnel

Rosa.  This litter loves to crawl under stuff. 

Carmel and Yoko

Carmel and Yoko

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