Monday, July 8, 2013

3 weeks old

A belated birthday to Mama Yoko, born 7/7/10.  Although not a traditional working dog, she has been working hard raising 19 puppies this last year.  The pups are thriving, such a fun age when they come to life and start interacting with the world.  They are enjoying life in the big puppy pen.  This morning when I was cleaning their pen, I let them loose in the living room, and the laminate and tile flooring caused them little concern.  Shasta was especially exploratory.  These pups are especially social, loving human attention and cuddling.  A very content bunch and relatively quiet so far.  Most of the pups gained a little over 1 lb last week.  Weights range from 3 lb 13.5 oz (Shasta) to 3 lb 6.6 oz (Tahoe).  Yoko is eating 10 cups of high calorie kibble + 1 hard boiled egg per day.  The pups are eagerly consuming a generous tablespoon of canned food 3x a day, and just today we introduced soaked kibble.  The new taste and texture didn't slow down the pups one bit.  The pups have had another nail trim.  During the day, I have been leaving on the TV and when gone, the radio. 

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